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Busy Professionals

We are known for our ability to get you in better playing shape regardless of time constraints!

At ATHLETIST we know some of the only people with more demanding schedules than top athletes are elite business professionals. Board meetings, directing resources, managing staff, public events and more make baseball’s 162 games look like a part-time gig. What’s more; these tasks often pack on the pounds with sleep disrupting travel, long hours in the office, and donuts on every desk. Fortunately, there is a solution for busy individuals who want to achieve success in every facet of their lives including physical fitness. In addition to working with upcoming and seasoned athletes, Keith and Chris have years of experience providing industry leading strength training to busy professionals. We create and implement a strength training regimen tailored to your specific BMI and scheduling constraints. A commitment of just one day a week can yield increased body composition and overall health.

You can expect an increase in athletic performance, strength, mass, body composition, and resistance to injury through our scientifically backed approach to strength training for busy professionals. We scale the same techniques utilized by our student and professional athlete clients to provide efficient results that meet your specific application. Whether you want to improve performance on the golf course, chisel your physical appearance, increase mobility, or any other application, Keith and Chris at ATHLETIST can help you make it happen.

Though we do encourage a high level of participation from the clients who utilize strength training for busy professionals, we realize you don’t have nearly as much time as athletes who have dedicated their lives to their sport. Fortunately, you can still live a normal life while working with our professional team at ATHLETIST. With our proven methods, a commitment of as little as one day a week can yield increased body composition and overall health.

Get started on your ATHLETIST journey today! Call us at (617) 308-7879 or send us an email through our contact page to get started today.