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Keith Alpert

Keith Alpert has been a strength, flexibility, and conditioning consultant, trainer and coach for over 30 years. Featured on ESPN SportsCenter and in publications including the Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated, American Health and Fitness Magazine, and Money, Keith has gained peer respect and a wide following for his ability to combine his training skills and teaching style with stellar program designs. Keith has worked with numerous professional players from the NBA, overseas basketball, and many players from the NCAA as well. Keith holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts. He is certified with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is a Level Four International Coach from world-renowned strength and nutrition expert, Charles Poliquin.

What it means to work with Keith..

While another athletic strength trainers online or in Needham might employ a one-size-fits-all program consisting solely of physical training, at ATHLETIST, Keith provides his clients with an individualized approach that reaches every aspect of their lifestyle. The consistency of the results is partly due to our implementation of in-house muscle and body fat index testing. With these results, Keith is able to craft a fitness program that’s specific to your needs. Nutrition is also an integral component of the process.
Keith has dedicated his life to helping others attain optimal physical condition which then manifests itself into an optimal lifestyle. Keith has worked with numerous professional basketball players, holds a degree in Exercise Science from The University of Massachusetts, is National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified, and is a Level Four International Coach of strength and nutrition expert Charles Poliquin of StrengthSensei.com. Keith is also qualified as an advanced P-DTR practitioner, to help people greatly reduce their pain.
Imagine: you will be receiving the same care and attention that NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB athletes utilized to help them gain an advantage at the highest stage imaginable.


Get started today! Call or text from the US (617) 308-7879 or send Keith an email keithalpert@gmail.com or message me from the contact page. Online coaching is available.

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Thanks for making this dream become a reality!

Mark Eaton, Stanley Cup Winner Pittsburgh Penguins 2009

Best trainer I've been around! I'd think that every athlete on the planet would need someone like Keith Alpert.

Larry Lewis, Current Sacramento kings Player and Development Coach and Former Spanish League All-Star

I've lost 60 pounds of fat while gaining 30 pounds of muscle. I feel and look better than I did 25 years ago.

Dave Dirubbo, President of Dave Acella Construction