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Strength Gaining Tips For Young Athletes.

Kate Interviews Keith from Athletist with all the inside tips of what he shares with his young clients on how to grow muscle and get stronger.
Here is the time stamp for the episode.
0.23 Keith talks about 2 clients that have put on muscle and dropped fat. He explains nutrition is important to achieve this.
3.00 The ‘silver lining’ of the pandemic and how it has given his clients more time to improve their strength and conditioning.
6.30 Keith talks about the joy he gets from training his clients and getting them to improve above their expectations. How he gets them more time at school and college.
8.15 Keith’s personal story from when he was in high school and wanted to be better at sport. How his eating habits affected his abilities and his size.
12.35 How looking at things differently helps his clients and their self-concept which helps them when they are going out into their professional lives.
14.05 How Keith can affect them in a way that a parent may not be able to. How he helps his young clients learn to live life in a more professional way and why he treats them like a professional athlete.
16.45 Words for parents. How body composition helps endurance.
17.41 You can meet Keith with no obligation. This can now be done online.
Have a question for Keith? Email him at keithalpert@gmail.com.
Or ask him questions inside the free Facebook group: Athletist Athletes with Keith Alpert
You may also find him through the following: