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January 2021

What a college Basketball Coach looks for in a recruit. The interview and Podcast #6. Keith Alpert interviews Larry Lewis who is the assistant basketball coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Larry is a former assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers. Larry is a longtime professional player and a past client of Keith’s. Here is the discussion that any up-coming athlete or parent should hear. Podcast #6 Podcast Apple itunes Spotify Timestamp of the discussion; 0.58 How Larry and Keith met, and how Keith

Maple Leap By signing for five years, Antonio Davis, an emerging frontcourt star, helped Toronto lock up other free agents and assure Canadians another run at the NBA title | Sports Illustrated Vault | SI.com The questions for Antonio Davis came from members of his fan club, Club 33, who had gathered at the Toronto Raptors' Air Canada Centre on July 29 for a postseason party. Their names--Mazdak, Ian, Su, Keyano, Raoul, Lindsey, Daniela, Hans--bespoke the multicultural mosaic of the city they call home, but their questions struck